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About The Project

Let's use a question/answer format for this because it's easier.

What is

A blog trying to be a pattern library, with a focus on inclusive design. Each post explores a common interface component and comes up with a better, more robust and accessible version of it.


Because the web is full of interfaces which don't consider the diversity of abilities, circumstances, and preferences of their users.

What do you mean by component?

A module, a part of your interface, an entry in your pattern library. A bit of what you make as a designer and developer.

What do you mean by inclusive design?

I wrote What The Heck Is Inclusive Design? for 24 Ways to answer that question.

Is there a book about this kind of thing?

I'm glad you asked. Yes, I wrote Inclusive Design Patterns.

Who are you?

I'm Heydon Pickering. If you want to hire me, read this first. I'm the accessibility editor for Smashing Magazine. I've been building interfaces for the web for over 10 years.

Is there a Twitter account to follow?

Yes! @inclusicomps.

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